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Digital Marketing Tactics: You Cannot Keep Them Separated (part 1)

Posted by jwoodymeach on October 21, 2008

OK. I’m going to tell you something that you may find surprising: Digital Marketing is Complicated. [Insert sarcastic look here]

Whether you are in charge of marketing a specific product or brand or your entire organization, digital marketing has become so much more than building and managing a website.

When I started building websites in 1994, there was no such thing natural search optimization, paid search, mobile web, or social media (we just called them “forums”). Most digital marketing was purely an extension of traditional media; and “integrated marketing” meant making sure your website had the same look and feel as your print ad.

The rapid growth and evolution of digital marketing has caused tactical segmentation that is starting to cause more headaches for a marketer than it probably should.

I was speaking with a digital brand manager for a large CPG firm. For her annual programs, she has needed to manage eleven tactic vendors – not including her Interactive Agency of Record or Public Relations Agency. If you want a job that is nothing but answering e-mail and voicemail and processing vendor invoices, then that’s the job for you.

One of the biggest problems with disparate vendors is you can end up having to fight to make sure that your message is consistent and clear, all the while fending off the vendors who want more money to execute their “most important” tactic.

One way I help clients understand the complexities is through the Capabilities Map (or affectionately, the “Flower Bed”).

Each dot or “pistil” represents a digital marketing tactic that requires some level of management. The lines or “petals” coming out of each dot are either strategies or types of sub-tactics that requirement some level of consideration. Some petals require simple yes/no decisions (e.g. are you going to have a blog or not?) while others may require different strategies altogether (e.g. inbound and outbound e-mails often need different technology and governance).

At the center of Capabilities Map are Engagement Entry Points or EPPs. EPPs are the control points for capturing Personally Identifiable Information (PII). Websites and Mobile have emerged as the leading digital EPPs. However, avenues such as the multiple Interactive Television models are showing promise. EPPs can also be offline such as driving customers to a Brick and Mortar store or live event.

Customer Data won’t be address here – that’s another article.


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SEO Fast!!!

Posted by jwoodymeach on August 20, 2008

The major search engines are moving faster at indexing and ranking your pages. However, if your website is suffering major structural problems that can’t be readily fixed due to complex WCM implementations or organization issues, there are SaaS solutions to help fix your natural search problems fast (30-60 days. Now don’t be greedy – that’s fast.)

SEO technology service providers (STCP) – not to be confused with SEO agencies – can apply their platforms to serve up optimized versions of your web pages to the search engines. They can rewrite the URL, Title tags, description tags, and body copy elements (even navigation) to make them more attractive to the ranking algorithms.

The two leading companies are GravityStream, from Stephen Spencer’s Netconcepts, and YourAmigo. I have worked with both organizations and found the experience to be positive on both accounts.

Basically, a STCP will either redirect your domain for organic traffic or create new static pages on your server. This is great for eCommerce websites with over 5,000 SKUs or heavy content managed websites. From an eCommerce perspective, you’d want to focus on your product category and sub-category pages as those often have the most “problems”.

You pay for set-up of the service, Cost-Per-Click (CPC) for none branded or identity terms, and some include a monthly fee. The CPC model can help your marketing groups get actual ROI measurement for SEO (‘member SEO ain’t free).

Last thing; view these systems as “heart bypass” for your websites. You should effort to fix the structural problems that you have with your website or SEO strategy. The minimum engagement should be six (6) months to be effective, but I’ve seen some STCP engagements last for a few years.

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