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Google look over here! We’ve got analytics too!

Posted by jwoodymeach on October 9, 2008

Following the purchase on IndexTools in April 2008, Yahoo has launched a beta of Yahoo! Web Analytics.

Yahoo! Web AnalyticsThis puts Yahoo! on par with Google from an solid analytics provider standpoint. I always liked IndexTools as a lower cost Web Analytics solution and if Yahoo! can keep the integrity of that platform while providing another no cost alternative to customers — bring it on.

The ability to track more than 4 scenarios (or goals to my Google Analytics brethren) would be enough to make me take a serious look.

There are discussions about whether the tool will be be free or not. My hunch is that it will be free as long as you are part of one Yahoo!’s advertising solutions. This is fair in my opinion.

The system is still in beta with current customers through early 2009.


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Using Google AdSense to mess with “The Man”…

Posted by jwoodymeach on August 1, 2008

Sony BMG Columbia may not be “The Man” (unless you’re a musician), but I LOVE when people do this type of thing.

Not the “vandalism” portion of the act (which I equate to spray painting on a billboard – remember “Turk 182”?) — rather finding a loophole is a system to allows you to express a view.

I know a couple you can do with Web Analytics platforms. 🙂

So many clients are looking to make a buck that they forget the purpose of their website. Columbia wasn’t going to make serious money through AdSense. That site is for promoting their artists and/or direct selling of their music – stay focused!

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