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SEO Fast!!!

Posted by jwoodymeach on August 20, 2008

The major search engines are moving faster at indexing and ranking your pages. However, if your website is suffering major structural problems that can’t be readily fixed due to complex WCM implementations or organization issues, there are SaaS solutions to help fix your natural search problems fast (30-60 days. Now don’t be greedy – that’s fast.)

SEO technology service providers (STCP) – not to be confused with SEO agencies – can apply their platforms to serve up optimized versions of your web pages to the search engines. They can rewrite the URL, Title tags, description tags, and body copy elements (even navigation) to make them more attractive to the ranking algorithms.

The two leading companies are GravityStream, from Stephen Spencer’s Netconcepts, and YourAmigo. I have worked with both organizations and found the experience to be positive on both accounts.

Basically, a STCP will either redirect your domain for organic traffic or create new static pages on your server. This is great for eCommerce websites with over 5,000 SKUs or heavy content managed websites. From an eCommerce perspective, you’d want to focus on your product category and sub-category pages as those often have the most “problems”.

You pay for set-up of the service, Cost-Per-Click (CPC) for none branded or identity terms, and some include a monthly fee. The CPC model can help your marketing groups get actual ROI measurement for SEO (‘member SEO ain’t free).

Last thing; view these systems as “heart bypass” for your websites. You should effort to fix the structural problems that you have with your website or SEO strategy. The minimum engagement should be six (6) months to be effective, but I’ve seen some STCP engagements last for a few years.


5 Responses to “SEO Fast!!!”

  1. Thank you for the tips. It is hard for a layman to keep up with all the changes taking place. I love SEO but just don’t have the time to keep up with it and I appreciate your post.

  2. Brian Klais said

    I appreciate this post highlighting the new and exciting ways large sites can go to market faster through natural search!

    As an inventor of GravityStream, allow me to clarify that our patent pending technology is designed to be more than just a temporary “bypass surgery” solution. It is employed as a dynamic, full management solution to the problem retail marketers face in executing and managing natural search marketing performance on their sites.

    For example:

    + With GravityStream, marketers can easily apply complex SEO best practices to all their thousands of site landing page – instantly, dynamically, and without requiring IT resource on an ongoing basis.

    + Non-technical marketers can make highly technical changes to pages based on their performance without IT involvement. Imagine completely customizing any page URL, adding as many – or as few – keywords as you like, with automatic 301 redirection in place, and without requiring IT every time you tweak it.

    + Attribute-based navigation URLs – normally chock full of parameters that generate massive amounts of index duplication and waste – are fully canonicalized through intelligent redirection, maximizing page authority, rankings and sales, while minimizing index duplication and PageRank splitting.

    These GravityStream features provide a few examples of SEO capabilities that most IT shops are not in position to build, support or “structurally fix” as recommended above, for their marketing colleagues.

    For leading retail marketers, capabilities such as these form part of an ideal platform to effortlessly manage and convert existing website assets (content, internal linking, and PageRank) into natural search traffic and sales – without sacrificing the brand experience or their conversion rates.

    Faster SEO indeed!

    Brian Klais
    Co-founder and EVP Search

  3. jwoodymeach said

    Thanks Brian.

    “Heart Bypass” should not be viewed as a slight against these types of solutions.

    I understand that your solution can help Marketing when IT (or Management) is an obstacle, but I try to get the groups to work together for the betterment of their organizations.

    But I do believe that a company that can afford to change their WCM or eCommerce platform to eliminate problems that are causing barriers to properly run SEO should do that.

    If they can’t, they should call you — or call me then I’ll call you 🙂

  4. mike said

    So, how does one audit these offerings to understand they’re doing what they’re supposed to do? ie CPC verification.

    • jwoodymeach said

      There are two main ways that I look at these tools: CPC (compared to other channels) and ranking improvement.

      I’m going to use GravityStream (GS) as my example tool as I’m dealing with them for a current client. I compared them as “SEO” against Display Advertising and Paid Search on a Cost Per basis. You have to establish a baseline of cost performance due to the difficulty of establishing traditional SEO CPC.

      For Ranking, you should see more and more pages from your site move to the first page and into the top five (above the fold) in the SERPs. So monitor page movement on a monthly basis. These tools can help pages move up, but they can’t make people click.

      As far as “supposed to do”, that’s where this get tricky. When asked what you should expect, most of these companies will say “it depends” or “every client acts differently”. And I hate to say it, but I agree.

      You should already have baselines for Organic Traffic. In your Web Analytics tool, these tools will be sourced as a different referral (e.g. “[your / referral” in Google Analytics). You can add these numbers to the other organic sources that are referenced, so you’d end up with Organic Sources of Google, Yahoo, Bing, GravityStream, AOL, Ask, etc.

      Before you move too quick on a question of whether these tools work or not, remember, SEO is the “pulled pork” of online marketing: it’s take a while to cook and if you mess with it too much — it’ll get screwed up before it has time to get right.

      I hope this helps, -w

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