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“WOW” Management

Posted by jwoodymeach on August 10, 2008

In working with a client on an intranet project last week, she something that struck a cord with me: “I want to make a big splash. It really has to WOW them.”


(I’ll come back to this in a second. First, some history.)


This intranet is one of two that is available to my client’s constituency. The employees aren’t required to use this intranet. It serves as mainly an informational news portal for things going on within the organization and a place to access common documents – pretty standard stuff. My client’s success metrics for the intranet is based on a bi-yearly customer satisfaction survey.


(Now, back to the story.)


“It really has to WOW them,” she said.


I view this as a constant problem with intranet– and some websites too. For systems that are not required usage pieces, it’s more about can you plan deploy a series of improvements or new features over a period of time than it is about firing all of your guns at once. Hence, “WOW” Management.


Think of a fireworks display at Independence Day. Each burst of explosion and colorful lights is judged on its own merit (“oooohh aaaah”), but at the end of the show you judge your satisfaction by the culmination of the entire program. You should plan your system upgrades in the same way and build them into your communications plan (i.e. internal marketing campaigns) to keep the system top of mind with your users. This type of planning will allow you to have an additional leverage point beyond the creation of new content only.


BOOM! – New Blog (oooh!)

BANG! – New Search Feature (eeeee!)

SPARKLE! – Restructed Taxomony to make finding content easier (aaah!)

POW! – New interface design (aaaaw!)

KABLOW! – Personalized content (weeee!)


WOW Management can allow for you to properly set expectations of your customers and management, as well as not putting all of your work effort and budget into one basket of “WOW”. (hmmm, maybe that should be another article: The Basket of WOW.)


2 Responses to ““WOW” Management”

  1. Sue Massey said

    Can you tell me who did your layout? I’ve been looking for one kind of like yours. Thank you.

  2. ekspekt said

    interesting post, will come back here, bookmarked your site

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